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The wall paintings - Macedonian Tomb of Macridy Bey
Μεσότοιχος. Αποτύπωση τοιχογραφιών.
Μεσότοιχος. Κατάσταση διατήρησης τοιχογραφιών. Χωμάτινες επικαθήσεις.
Μεσότοιχος. Κατάσταση διατήρησης τοιχογραφιών.
Μεσότοιχος. Οι τοιχογραφίες πριν τις επεμβάσεις.
Μεσότοιχος. Οι τοιχογραφίες μετά τις επεμβάσεις.

The wall paintings

The wall paintings were very poorly preserved. Greater erosion was observed in the wall coatings of the burial chamber, where there was extensive loss of the thin coating of calcite plaster which carried the color. The types of damage recorded included the following: soil deposits, saline deposits, detachment from the substrate, cracks, flaking, biological alterations, mechanical damage, and graffiti. Damage was owed both to the monument’s exposure to the elements and human intervention. Work included cleaning, stabilizing painting surfaces and crowning with compatible mortar, and stabilizing detached mortars on the substrate with the use of grout made of compatible materials.

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