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Stone blocks and sarcophagus - Macedonian Tomb of Macridy Bey
Μεσότοιχος. Παθολογία λίθων.
Μεσότοιχος. Δόμος Δ10. Λιθόπλινθος 10.2. Επεμβάσεις.
Σαρκοφάγος. Καθαρισμοί.
Σαρκοφάγος. Συρραφή των θραυσμάτων των καλυπτήριων πλακών
Σαρκοφάγος. Μετά την επέμβαση.

The stone blocks and the marble sarcophagus

Conservation of the stone blocks and architectural members

Conservation work included cleaning the blocks of their deposits, restoring the blocks through bonding of fragments with stainless steel rods, and repairing destroyed sections with artificial stone (compatible mortar). Conservation of scattered architectural members included cleaning and repair of destroyed sections with artificial stone. In all, 11 architectural members were conserved and 7 were restored (repaired with artificial stone).

Conservation of the marble sarcophagus

Conservation work included cleaning (mechanical and chemical) the marble slabs of the sarcophagus of soil and biological deposits, stabilizing the peeling, bonding the fragments of the cover slabs with stainless steel bolts, and conservation of the coatings which covered the slabs’ interior faces.

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