The enhancement lighting

The nighttime lighting of the monument which was implemented had the following goals:

1.  Spotlighting the facades of the antechamber and burial chamber

2. Rendering visual contrasts (brightness, color, texture) between the different surfaces of the building’s walls and floors.

3. Avoiding or lessening visual interference such as glare, η παρασιτική luminosity, etc.

4. Full reversibility of interventions (placement of lighting elements and accessory electrical equipment) throughout the archaeological site and respect for the monument.

5. Safety of installations (minimizing outages and fire risks, providing electrical protection).

6. Long-term uninterrupted functioning through energy conservation in accordance with sustainable growth demands.

To light the site, it was decided to use high-quality white light, for the most part implemented with high-yield light/color new technology lamps (LED and/or metal halide).