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Macedonian Tomb of Makridy Bey - Macedonian Tomb of Macridy Bey
Ο Μακεδονικός Τάφος του Λαγκαδά ή «Τάφος του Μακρίδη Μπέη».

Macedonian Tomb of Makridy Bey

The Macedonian Tomb of Langadas or the “Tomb of Makridy Bey” (after its excavator) is at the south end of the Derveni cemetery. It was a magnificent structure built in the early 3rd century BC for the burial of a single distinguished individual. Following the burial of the deceased, the burial structure and the road (dromos) leading to it were covered by a tumulus, the greater part of which remains preserved today. The tumulus was 19 meters tall and at least 75 meters in diameter. The façade of the tomb had the form of a tetrastyle monument in the Ionic style. In the center of the façade, which was painted, there was a doorway with a two-paneled wooden door and gilt bronze decoration. The door was protected from the thrust of the overlying earthen tumulus by superimposed stone blocks which sealed the tomb’s entrance.

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