The decoration of the burial building

The walls of the burial chamber were coated in white mortar, while those of the antechamber carried wall paintings. Fragments of the painting preserved in situ showed that there were five painted zones (from the base of the wall to its crown) alternating among black (height of zone 34cm.), white (height of zone 92cm.), grey (height of zone 16cm.), red (height of zone 124cm.), and white (height of zone 105cm.). Incised vertical and horizontal lines were identified in the plaster coating layer. On the building’s façade, the tympanum of the pediment was bright yellow, framed by purple, while the column capitals, architrave, and cornice were red and blue. The floor blocks were coated in white mortar. There was a representation (2.06m x 1.39m) on the coated upper surface of the blocks in the burial chamber in front of the entrance. The doors to the antechamber and burial chamber were decorated by bronze studs and decorative or ritual elements including a bronze disc with the head of Medusa, and a bronze knocker with a lion’s head.