The monument’s state of preservation

The tomb building has suffered deformation at its western corner due to its off-center position in the tumulus. Furthermore, the walls have buckled, while the most pronounced deformation has appeared in the antechamber vault, whose keystone has subsided by 43 centimeters. As a result of deformation, pronounced cracks have developed in all of the monument’s structural elements, the most important being those on the intrados of the vaults. Peeling of the blocks appears chiefly at the genesis of arches due to the imbalance presented by compressive loads at these positions. Pronounced deformities of structural elements, progressive failure of the east wall of the antechamber and the collapse of its face produced deterioration in the structure’s resistance and alteration of its static functioning. The distribution of damage between the main chamber and the antechamber is uneven, with the latter having suffered the most serious damage and failures Following excavation in the 1990s, the monument’s state of preservation worsened due to inadequate protection from weather conditions. At the same time, the antechamber vault deteriorated due to the removal of earth from the tumulus, which had shored it up.